Dr. Jalil Mustaffa Bishop helps organizations build out an infrastructure of policies and practices that facilitate progress towards equity through multi-method evaluations. His work focuses on the geography of opportunity, primarily related to higher education and community resources, and his evaluation work has included clients in the tech industry, the nonprofit sector, and community organizations. For over a decade, he has brought principled service as an equity consultant, movement builder, and scholar of organizational change.

His consulting is expanding to more of a cooperative approach that aims to redistribute resources to other people of color who are experts in their fields and on their own lived experiences. The Equity Research Cooperative is a new model in consulting that brings scholars out of the academy into partnerships with philanthropic funders and organizations that need support. Unlike past consulting, the work is not completed just by traditional experts. We recruit, support, and pay members of marginalized groups like activists, community members, students, and people of color to contribute to the work and gain experience. While helping our client-partners move forward on equity is the work, The Cooperative practices politics of redistribution: redistribute opportunity, voices, and results. Learn more here.


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