Dr. Jalil Mustaffa Bishop’s research agenda focuses on how Black people build lives against and beyond racism--what he refers to as Black lifemaking. He studies the role of racism and anti-racism in institutional systems across housing, education, and labor markets. His latest scholarship examines higher education and its connection to societal inequities. He employs community-engaged, qualitative, historical, and policy-oriented research methods coupled with critical theory to question the extent to which education pathways are or can be a social equalizer, particularly for Black students and communities.


He has secured nearly $3 million in grants to support his research and advocacy and reallocate resources to community groups. In addition to his research, Dr. Bishop intentionally remains connected to the student groups and communities he studies. He has served in multiple education programs and centers focused on increasing the success of students of color in higher education and transition to careers post-graduation. His background in anti-racism praxes, Black freedom projects, and coalition building has allowed him to work with activist groups, policy think tanks, presidential campaigns, K-12 schools, community colleges, and community-based organizations.




PhD./M.A. (Higher Education and Organizational Change) University of California, Los Angeles, 2018
B.A. (History) Dartmouth College, 2014