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MUME Collective

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Dr. Jalil Mustaffa Bishop is a sought-after evaluator due to nationally-recognized research and policy impact on inclusive pipelines for Black students across college affordability, medical school programs, workforce development, the tech industry, doctoral programs, community college, and graduation and retention rates. He is the President of The MUME Collective. MUME is a group of scholars, policy and community advocates, corporate leaders, and educators who work with institutions and organizations to evaluate the distance between their goals and their work. 


Dr. Bishop’s company is known for equity-driven

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evaluations and research that helps our client-partners build an infrastructure of justice policies and practice while unlearning failed approaches that limit progress. The team designs multi-method research projects and evaluations that drive evidence-based action. Our collaboration with clients often includes moving them from project design to data analysis towards learning sessions and reporting. While the Collective has a core team, we use our network to recruit specific experts based on our clients’ project requests.

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Partner with organizations and collaborators to expand their people power to accomplish goals, be it answering research questions, securing grassroots victories, or creating effective programs.

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Provide holistic evaluation that provides evidence and feedback in real-time, ensuring clients can make key pivots and scale what works.

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Leads project management from start to completion, including quantitative and qualitative analysis, coupled with well-designed reports and interactive data stories and dashboards. 

MUME Collective’s diverse clients and funders highlight the range of support services we offer: National Science Foundation - Nanotechnology | NAACP | Federal Reserve Bank of New York City | The Education Trust | Code2040- Tech Industry | Debt Collective | The Spencer Foundation | Community College of Philadelphia | The Institute for College Access and Success

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